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Corporate Profile
Creative Business Technologies is an innovative provider of Internet solutions with services such as Web Applications Development, Web-Enablement Development, PDA Development, Database Applications Development, and eCommerce Development. Creative Business Technologies solutions enable businesses to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

Creative Business Technologies has been providing hardware and software development expertise and technical consulting services since 1996. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing telecommunications technology solutions for our clients including custom software development for Web-enablement, E-Business, and mobile computing. CBT is here to help our clients - every step of the way.

Creative Business Technologies ' greatest asset is its diverse team of very dedicated professionals. In an ever changing world of information technology, each member brings special skills to the organization.

Creative Business Technologies team of professionals has extensive experience in Internet/Intranet web site development, custom software development, database design and development, network architecture, and enterprise resourse planning. With these diverse strengths and business savvy, we are prepared to provide your business with quality, on-time effective business solutions.