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The Workout Tracker contains several tools to customize an exercise program that suits you and allows you to reach your fitness goals. By pre-configuring a variety of common custom templates, it is very easy to each time select a different routine. A workout template will save you a lot of time in entering your workouts especially if they are similar from week to week.

In addition, these workout templates can be very flexible. For example, personal trainers can create a set of workout templates for each of their clients who also use the Workout Tracker. Trainers could then provide the workout templates to their clients to import.

If you do not want to create your own workout templates, the Workout Tracker offers a number of professionally pre-designed training programs that can be imported and used as workout templates. These sample training programs are customized to the users experience and fitness level, goals and personal interests, and time commitment.

CBT is also working with to allow users of the Workout Tracker to enter into the site their fitness level, goals, and specifications in order to generate custom workout templates which can be download and import into the Workout Tracker.

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