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Workout Tracker

The classic and original version of eFitnessTracker on the desktop, Workout Tracker provides everything you need to monitor your training and isolate factors that improve performance. The Workout Tracker provides an economical and convenient way for users with diverse backgrounds and performance levels to customize either an exercise or rehabilitation program that meets their specific goals and objectives. Whether you are just a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser, the Workout Tracker helps you create daily workout cycles, schedule your routines, and maintain historical records of individual performance and progress. The Workout Tracker also provides the user with the ability to download a pre-configured daily exercise or rehabilitation drill to a PDA. Once the prescribed routine is completed, the data is synchronized back to the PC or server for evaluation and archival. Tracking your exercise activities has never been this easy.

Fitness training using weights or resistance will help you firm and tone your muscles and increase your strength. As well, exercising your heart is as important as exercising your muscles. Cardiovascular training will increase your stamina and build a strong, healthy heart. Cardiovascular exercise also helps you burn calories and fat, so your body develops lean muscle mass. Whether your goal is to get bigger, stronger, or leaner, the Workout Tracker will intuitively help you achieve your desired results.

* Create a custom fitness program

* Sync with your PDA

* Track your progress