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Extended Relationship Management Solutions
XRM applications deliver cutting-edge transaction, fulfillment, and servicing capabilities that enable a business to:
  • Save time
  • Improve communication, service and efficiency
  • Decrease costs and increase revenues
  • By allowing your company to provide preferred customers with access to "VIP" areas on your web site, an XRM application can help you to:
  • Modernize business practices and revolutionize relationships
  • Collaborate with strategic partners on joint projects, customized products, and shared business processes
  • Provide select customers with sales and self-service capabilities, including real-time price quotes, inventory checks, and on-line product configurations
  • Better track any vital customer data you define
  • Here's an example: A business deploys an XRM application that permits select customers to access unpublished product and price information. By creating unique, personalized log-ins, the application "recognizes" each customer, offering them:
  • Immediate access to designated information
  • A customized and confidential price list specific to that customer
  • Up-to-the-minute price listings, inventory levels, and new product availability information that can be updated in real time
  • Creative Business Technologies can create an XRM application using your existing applications… or develop a world-class custom application specifically tailored to your company's needs.