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Mobile Business Technologies
Mobile Business Technologies (MBT) can provide anytime, anywhere access to your business's processes and information. This can increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction and retention, decrease costs, reduce cycle times, and improve efficiencies and productivity. In addition, MBT helps to speed your company to become a real-time enterprise as it provides the ability to make faster and more informed decisions, improves data accuracy from field data collections, and helps to differentiate your company from the competition.

Here is one scenerio to help illustrate how MBT can solve a business problem. You can use wireless and mobile devices as part of a business process performance management system tied to sales and field operations. Mobile devices help your company to offer immediate access to information for mobile employees. The sales force receives alerts about sales opportunities and service issues and can respond immediately. For example, when a lead comes into the corporate web site, it's dispatched in real time to the appropriate salesperson for follow up; quick follow up on a sales lead can mean the difference between a large sale and a loss to the competition. Or, in the case of service issues, the salesperson can follow up with the customer before it results in lost business.