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Web Services
Web services are software applications enabled to run over the Internet, enhancing not only the exchange of data but also the integration of applications that previously could not have "talked" to one another. Web services have made it faster and easier for businesses to integrate applications and thereby deliver faster, better, more cost-effective services to their customers and business partners.

Here are just a few of the benefits using Web services can provide you:
  • Access to information and transactions from any device and any platform-anytime, anywhere you choose
  • Flexibility for your company to utilize software to publish and subscribe to business processes
  • Ability to integrate various business processes, allowing you to rapidly modify your procedures in response to market changes
  • Help in controlling IT complexity and cost by reducing redundancy and increasing interaction between previously unconnected devices, platforms, and applications
  • Power to transform select internal information into a service and to strategically repackage functions that you may want to customize for certain customers or audiences
  • Whether your organization is already conducting e-business or you're interested in entering this exciting new market, here's a sampling of web services that Creative Business Technologies can devise for you:
  • Efficient e-commerce transaction-processing systems
  • Business processes turned into services
  • Integrated e-business applications
  • Better-integrated supply chains